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Jaclee Montana

(imp esp)


Jaclee Life After Love


Great Great Grandparents


Great Great Great


Great Grandparents






Afterglow The Lady Is A Tramp At Tricajon




Lamar's Morocco



Jaclee Im So Cute


Sh. Ch. Afterglow Ambrose



Sh. Ch. Afterglow Shake wiggle Wiggle


Am. Ch. Lamars Montana


Am. Ch. Lamars Laree


Am. Ch. Cashmere Matador Last Dance with Afterglow



Am. Ch. TLC's Ace In The Hole


Jaclee Love and Passion


Afterglow Goosebumps


Am. Ch. Point Blanc Cotton Quilt At Sundust

Am. Ch. Comac Crusader

Am. Ch. Comac N Budken Colleen O'Mine

Am Ch. Endles Luv's Dakota Warrior

Am Ch. Comac N Budken Colleen O'Mine

Danton Jailbreak From Saldawn

Sh Ch. Jaclee Davcar Simply Gracefulo

Sh Ch. Durpen's Fly Hi To Mygile

Jaclee Yo Go Flo

Am. Ch. Westglen Blakgammon

Am. Ch. La Shay's Love Lucy

Am. Ch Must-Do's Matador

Am. Ch. Tamra's All That Glitters

Afterglow Bagatrix

Sh. Ch. Afterglow Engelbert

Sh. Ch. Sundust Thumbelina

Am. Ch. Candelle's Strike It Rich

Am. Ch. Oakmont Tradition

Am Ch. Endless Luv Keeper Of Stars cheroke

Am. Ch. Lamars Montana

Am. Ch. Cormac Royal Heiress

Am. Ch. Forjay's Soul Sensation

Am. Ch. Comic Witche'sbrew

Jaclee Simply Best

Sh. Ch TLC-N-K's Jailbait At Danton

Am Ch Cashmere Chainreaction At Danton

Am. Ch. Cormac Royal Heiress

Am. Ch. Forjay's Soul Sensation

Sh. Ch. Sundust Taboo

Sh. Ch. Jo Bea's Diamond In The Ruf

Am. Ch. Chandelle's Mishevious Mindi

Am. Ch. Jack Gold Dust Of silverdi

Am. Ch. Tamara's Wildfires Raging

Am Ch. Camelot's Counterfeis

Must Do Magic Moment

Am. Ch. Windy Hill's Tis Demi's Demon

Am. Ch. Canyon Breeze Red Hot Lady

Am. Ch. Crazy Qs What A Joke

Am Ch. Canyon Convicted Of Forgery

Am. Ch. Westglen Blak A Tak

Jaclee Tanmis

Sh. Ch. Donatien Chess-King At Jaclee

Am Ch. Barcrest M-Bar-s' Durspen

Am. Ch. weatherfield Durspen Diamond

Jaclee March Mazie

Am. Ch. cashmere Matador Last Dance

Sh. Ch. Northyork Craftsman

Sh. Ch. Link's Silverhall Sunflower

Sh. Ch. Afterglow Ambrose

Lana's Pedigree

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