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Great Great Grandparents


Great Great Great


Great Grandparents


Ch. Jo-Bea's Sunny Side Up


Ch. Ging's Apple Cider Ida



Countrydream's Party Charmer


Ch. Caroling's Luscious Licorice


Ch. Troupers Name Of The Game

Ch. Mardons Poker Run

Jo-Bea's Winter Mist

Hi-Top's Amber Samba

Countrydream's Just For Keeps

Ch. Darkehaven Fire and Ice

Caroling's Jamaica Me Crazy

Ch. Shadow Cast High Voltage

Your Hardt's Irish Country

Ch. Troupers Agent Cooper

Ch. Jo-Bea's Diamond In The Rough

Ch.Palm Hill Love Thy Neighbour

Am. Ch. Palm Hill Caro-Bu's Solid Gold

Yarrow's Yum Yum

Ch. Fantasy Shot Of Gold

Ch.  Jo-Bea's Classified

Ch. Artru Special Delivery

Ch. Kaplar's Penny Kandy

Ch. Kaplar's Kraftmaster

Am. Ch. Cobb's Country Breeze 

Am. Ch. Piner's Premeditated

Your-Hardt's First Tanja Girl

Chess King Mastermind

Ch Speedwagon No Way Back

Ch. Wishborne Man Style

Artru And Cynbel Confection

Ch. Darkehaven Hot to Trot

Ch. LaBaron She's A Tease

Lamaro's Canadian Gold

Ch. Jack Gold Dust Of Silveredi

Ch. Lamaro's Aiming For Gold

Ch. Palm Hill's Handsome Feller

Ch. Artru Melody 2

Ch. Caroling's Token Brown

It . Ch. Ashleydown Khalua

Shadow Mink Stole

Ch. Pineshadow Brass Tacks

Trader's Pedigree

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