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Hi, welcome to our website.


Here are a few details of how we eventually came into the realm of the show dog.

Owning and living with dogs has become a way of life rather than a hobby. I was born into a farming family and therefore had a variety of animals around me from a very young age. We had one cow nick-named the old grey. Many times I went out into the field and sat at her side contemplating the day's events. She would never move while I was at her side but would wait until I moved and then follow me back to the barn.


One day I was out with my husband and passed a house where we noticed some Akitas and Boxers in their kennels.  We stopped to admire these dogs, causing them to bark and alert their owner to our presence.  She came out to investigate the noise and spotted us at the gate admiring her dogs.  She introduced herself and told us that she had a litter of Boxer puppies aged approx. 3 weeks and if we were interested we could call back to see them when they were a little older.  Two weeks later we returned to look at the puppies and were so enthralled, we decided to purchase one. The lady was very involved in showing and asked me if we would ever consider going into the show ring but we thought this was well beyond our capabilities and at the time we were really only interested in a pet.  However, she had stirred our interest,  We never really got into the ring much with the boxers, but attended many seminars on movement and conformation covering different breeds. We really found these interesting and still continue to attend as many as we can.

Our boxer was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of cancer. Tragically she had to be humanely put to sleep. This was a major upset for the whole family. Not long after this, we decided to get a dog which was smaller in size; in fact, quite a lot smaller.  After much research, this led us to enquire about the Maltese.  It took 18 months from the beginning of our search before we managed to get our first Maltese girl in the form of a fluffy bundle of joy. We attended shows regularly and had our fair share of success. She now is a happy old lady of 14yrs old, who still thinks she is a puppy.

When the children left home we found we had more space and time. We looked into getting a new breed. After long deliberation and research decided that the American Cocker Spaniel was the breed for us. This is where the love affair with this amazing breed began. As well as owning we also successfully show this stunning and lovable breed.

We are members of most American Cocker Spaniel Clubs and stick strictly to their code of ethics. We regulary attend seminars about our breed and other breeds as you can never know too much and we are always learning. On the odd occasion that we sell a puppy we encourage the new owners to keep in contact whenever possible. We can vividly remember the feeling we got at being able to bring our first puppy home and this gives us an insight into what new puppy owners may be experiencing as we observe the look on their faces when they first come to see the prospective new addition to their family. 



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